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Volume 1 (2017)

The primary goal is to enhance phycology research in Iran and provide more information about any aspects of phycology for researchers. 

The journal is a resource of Iranian research including bimonthly published article in this field. This journal stablished 3 years ago and try to publish original research papers.

Journal of Phycological Research is a semiannual journal covering original research on all aspects of phycology. This journal was founded in 2017 by Shahid Beheshti University Publishing and the Phycological Society of Iran. The primary goal is to enhance phycology research and provide more information on phycology for researchers including ecology, taxonomy, physiology, morphology, ecology, molecular biology and genomics, biotechnology, cell biology, applied phychology, toxicology, biomass production in macro- and microalgae and the algal interactions with other organisms in natural ecosystems. Two or more reviewers, Assistant Editor, and Editor-in-Chief review each manuscript. Manuscript must be based on instruction for authors. The Apa style is accepted for the manuscripts.

Semiannual Journal of Phycological Research is under the international copyright law " Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY")

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Shahid Beheshti University

Hossein Riahi

Managing Editor:
Akram Ahmadi

Zeinab Aghashariatmadari

Editorial Board:
Hossein Riahi Francoise Bernard Neda Soltani Shadman Shokravi Mohammad Ali Faramarzi Hishamuddin Bin Omar Irmgard Blindow Mohammad Reza Shokri Mahnaz mazaheri Asadi Ranga Rao Ambati

Frequency: Semiannual

Print ISSN: 2588-6991

Online ISSN: 2980-9290

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