Publication Ethics

General Duties and Responsibilities of Editors
Editor’s decisions to accept or reject a paper for publication should be based on the paper’s importance, originality and clarity, and the study’s validity and its relevance to the remit of the journal.
Editor should publish guidance to authors on everything that is expected of them. This guidance should be regularly updated and should refer or link to this code.
Editor should have systems to ensure that peer reviewers’ identities are protected unless they use an open review system that is declared to authors and reviewers.
Editor should provide new editorial board members with guidelines on everything that is expected of them and should keep existing members updated on new policies and developments.
Editor reserves the right to refuse or accept, as well as to edit articles and copy right.
Editor should have systems to ensure that peer reviewers’ identities are protected

Editorial and Peer Review Processes
Editor should strive to ensure that peer review at their journal is fair, unbiased and timely.
Editor should have systems to ensure that material submitted to their journal remains confidential while under review.
Peer reviewers are responsible for the qualitative, content and scientific review of articles and contribute to improving the quality and content of articles by announcing their corrections.
Peer reviewers are expected to report their opinion immediately after initial review.
The review of articles should be based on sufficient scientific evidence and reasoning, should be clearly stated and presented to the Editor and authors, and should not be used to arbitrate, personal, racial or religious opinions.

Relations with Authors
The authors should prepare the manuscript in a scientific manner according to the standards of the journal. Mention your method and approach carefully and report the data correctly
The author is asked to provide raw data, interviews or questionnaires and other research tools as needed.
Manuscripts submitted by authors should be the work of the authors and any use of other research by citing the references should be included.
It is against the law to submit one manuscript to several journals or published papers or accepted to other journals.
Corresponding author is the person who is responsible for the preparation, design and implementation of the manuscript and the other authors are listed as contributors.